Digital Wine Labels Platform – Etichette elettroniche per vini

Create electronic labels for your products, harmonized with the European Regulation EU 2117/2021

According to the new EU labelling regulations, it is mandatory to include the list of ingredients and the nutrition declaration on the label of every wine. (Etichette elettroniche per vini)

How the platform works

In 4 simple steps

Step 1

The wine producer fills in the necessary information via an easy-to-use questionnaire form

Step 2

The platform (Etichette elettroniche per vini) automatically generates the digital label and its QR-CODE.

Step 3

The producer prints the QR-CODE on the physical label of the wine

Step 4

After scanning the QR-CODE the consumer gets access to the electronic label

It’s up to you

Quickly & easily comply with the new directives on the nutritional labelling of wines

As you can see, we provide all the fields you need to fill in and it only takes a few minutes for all the required information.

Creation of the nutrition declaration.
Creation of the list of ingredients.
Publication of the e-label on the internet, accessible to consumers.
Translation into all official EU languages.
Creation of a QR code (QR-CODE) to be printed on the physical label.
Compliance with the rule so as not to violate requirements regarding a) the display of sales or marketing information or b) the tracking of user data (cookie free )

QR Code Labeling for Wines

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